How To Create, Manage And Optimize A Youtube Channel?

If you have the desire to attract audience attention across the world with your creative ideas and videos, then this article is for you.
Creating a Youtube channel is as simple as drinking water, but to manage and optimize a Youtube channel, you have to follow some instructions and precautions. All you need is to have a Google account to sign in to Youtube. Youtube is directly linked to your Google account, so you need to have a Google account(Gmail) to sign in to Youtube. You cannot sign in to Youtube on any other domain apart from Gmail. After signing into your Youtube account, you can start managing your Youtube account settings.
How To Create A Youtube Channel?
Follow these simple steps to create your own Youtube channel.
Click on “My Channel” on the Youtube menu, on the left side.
Now click on “Use a business or other name” .
Assign a name to your channel and also select your business category.
Then click on “I agree” icon.
And click on “Done” icon; now you have created your Youtube channel!
How To Manage Accounts On The Youtube Channel?
You can manage your accounts in 3 following ways:
Use your Google Account.
Use a Brand Account.
Use Brand Accounts managed by your Google account.
Use your Google Account:
This is a personal Google account which is used and managed by only one person, across all Google services and Youtube.
Use a Brand Account:
In brand account, multiple Google accounts can manage and own a brand, and any of those managers can access Youtube channel connected to that brand account.
Use Brand Accounts managed by your Google account:
In this, you can manage multiple Youtube channels which are connected to multiple brand accounts on one Google account, without signing out.
You can have multiple channels under a single Youtube account, which helps in the promotion of products or brands.
Features Of Youtube:
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, behind Google.
Ranks 3rd globally.
100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.
More than 30 million visitors per day.
5 billion videos are watched per day.
Approximately 75% of views comes from mobile devices.
Approximately 75 countries post content in 80 languages.
25% of Internet traffics flows through Youtube.
Mostly people watch Youtube for two reasons, either entertainment or solution for their queries. You need to carry a research on ‘what people watch exactly’?
Basing on the research result you need to come with your video presentation. Never give a long introduction about your company or product. Let your video be specific and short, so that viewer won't be bored and there will be a chance for your viewer to maintain long-term relation with your channel.
Quality Videos are must on Youtube:
Remember that your video is your content, so produce a high quality video. check the picture quality and sound clarity of the video before uploading them in Youtube. It is suggested not to upload low quality videos, as it gives a negative impact on your channel because it revolves around the globe. Consider your Youtube channel is your own T.V show, so make sure to bring forth outstanding videos. Even scientifically it has been proved that 90% information transmitted to the brain is visual.
How To Optimize A Video On Youtube?
Ultimate goal of any business is to generate sales and get profits. By uploading your video, initially you will get views which will convert into subscribers and later generate sales for your business. In order to get views, you should aim at Youtube searches.
When a user types his query or some keywords in Youtube search column, then Youtube first looks for the keywords, to find them in your Titles or description or Tags . If the keyword is relevant then Youtube will place your video to him in search column.
Your title describes your video, so include your keyword only once in the title column. Make sure to include the word ‘video’ in your title. Even it is good to imagine keywords in viewers prospect, else check your competitors sites .
Describe your video, and add your keywords once or twice in this column. Make sure to mention your website or blog so that it will be considered as a backlink, and an advantage for Google ranking, and even you can capture email addresses, and know who have logged into your site.
Tags are of four types: Specific, Compound, Generic, Misspellings. As Youtube generally searches for first keyword, so arrange your warning keyword in first place, and relevant keywords next. Use brainstorm to get at least ten specific keywords.
Thumbnail is the first thing viewers look in search result, it is the face of your video. Use decent and attractive image as thumbnail. Let the resolution of your thumbnail be 1280 X 720 with 16:9 ratio aspect.
The above are the very essential keys to optimize a Youtube channel.

How Youtube Ranks Your Video?

Considering the following factors Youtube will rank your video:
Overall views - Obviously more views equal to higher ranks.
Rating (thumbs up and thumbs down) - Users can rate videos by clicking on thumbs up or thumbs down icon.
Subscribers - When a user is inspired by a video, automatically they subscribe.
Number of social shares - When user likes your video, they will share it too.
Comments - When a video receives plenty of comments, it will also effect in ranking.
The Following are some of the Benefits of Youtube User:
You can target your audience worldwide.
You can build your email list.
Your content will live long.
Possibility to build backlinks to your site.
You can earn money through Google’s AdSense.

Conclusion :

Youtube is the best platform to market your videos worldwide, to generate more views and likes that eventually elevates your business. However you must create and upload videos time to time, because a single video can never generate business. This is how we optimize a Youtube channel and you will get more traffic by promoting your video across all of your social media channels.
Article by:
Chakravarthy Jah